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Shifts in Consciousness for Spiritual Awakening: The Ascent of Your Mystic Self

When one grasps life with a new acceptance, everything changes.

There will always be those who don’t, or can’t, consider the possibility that there is more to life than they desire to, or even have the ability to, perceive.

That is not the case for the Mystic. They have no choice.

They might strive as hard as they can to see life within the narrow confines of the reality that others live in; that view of a world that holds the promises for mere mortals to become successful, happy and fulfilled… but that is not a destiny that will befall the ones who has incarnated to see all that can be seen.

There will be some of you who read this who feel you understand of what I speak. Perhaps you do. But even if so, you have no concept of what awaits if you are successfully able to resist the traps of the delusions that are everywhere in your life.

For those deceptions are not always of a material form, they are devices of consciousnesses. Your own.

The journey of my own consciousnesses is beyond the acceptance of anyone who allows themselves to remain within what many consider the 3d world of awareness. I can speak those words only because I can now see beyond what you can see.

Had I really known what kind of awareness’s I would need to face, It was not a voyage that I would ever have said I desire to take from what you can see from where you stand in your consciousness. I know that because I saw what you see. And that view was the one that I wanted.

The intense rawness of having your very psyche rewired even once would be traumatic enough, having it become a way of being? No one wishes for that when they say they desire to expand their consciousness. I had no clue what actually expanding ones consciousness actually required.

Before traversing into the world of a Mystic, how could I ever know what I did not know?

I could not. Meaning that everything I thought I knew came only from the context of what my life awareness had already experienced. And from that, I could then envision what I thought I really wanted. So maybe as a kid I saw another kid riding a bike, I could then feel that I too wanted that bike, or a variation of it. I could then set my desire on that reality for myself.

If you are reading this to learn more about stepping outside your own reality and gain the benefits of a higher consciousness, the single most important thing you must know…. is that the path of a Mystic does not come from what you desire to experience, that is, it is not a reality that can be extrapolated into imagination from an external construct that you can already see.

Instead, taking up the burdens and the breakthroughs of the true Mystic begins by setting aside everything you think you know. Then and only then can you begin to become aware of what you don’t know.

But one thing is for certain…

Despite how much you might think you are willing to do in order to gain a higher state of being, you will not want to let go of what you know. Your psyche will hold onto it at all cost.


Published by The 5D Mystic

Walking the path most assuredly very less traveled.

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