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The Scary Truth about an Ascended Earth: It lays Beyond the 4th Dimension

It’s what no one seems to get about the idea of Ascension.

One of the great pitfalls of many a non-traditional spiritual seeker, that is the Ones who have for the most part departed the religions of their parents for the promise of new age beliefs, is how easy it is to get lost in the Love and Light mentality within those beliefs.

I find it surprising because the idea of stepping into the 5th dimensional realm, a place of total world peace and a true global sister-brotherhood of man, would naturally mean first going from the consciousness of the 3rd into the 4th.

As an aside: A totally short recap on the spiritual levels of consciousness: the 3rd is Conformity, the 4th is Duality, the 5th is Oneness.

So, if you desire to fully awaken into Oneness, you can’t be unwilling or unable to see Duality in all its complete and total bare faced truth.

Modern humans love the idea of being scared outright, or of facing “the idea of fear” so they can feel superior to it.

They do it via the so called “fictional” entertainment in media, games, movies. There is the outright horror mayhem adults, teens, pre-teens (and unfortunately, children) crave in slasher films, ghost stories or alien encounters, or the more “realistic” criminal-bad guy / police-soldier war dynamic, especially in the form of the innumerable cop or superhero “good vs. evil” themed films or digital games.

More insipidly, they unknowingly seek it through today’s 24/7 media maze (haze?). In our world, you can get news that is 100% guaranteed to cause a steady diet of emotional anxiety and mental worry. If you indulge in it, that results in a condition of consciousness that is undeniably unavoidable.

Which is the point of it of course.

But that news itself is not the 4th dimension, it is simply a way of capturing the life force energy of who you are, and warping it to conform to an energetic state of existence that you may have otherwise, in your more natural organic self, not ever become. It is actually a full on 3d method of control.

Here is the kicker as to the scary truth of it all…

Entering the 4th dimension of Duality is not you watching all the evils and darkness that is continually depicted in the news.

Nope, not at all.

It is you becoming aware that the very existence of the energetic transference that occurs as a result of that news is designed to control the very truth of your human soul’s expression to also become dark, twisted and yes, even evil.

That is a 4d awareness.

You see, you can’t actually be firmly balanced within your Love and Light if the society you live within has those vibrations all around you and through you. The fact is it is transmitting electronically in the very air around you and through your very walls. You are not immune to it even if you don’t watch, read or participate in those dark energies. Collectively the mass consciousness you exist within has them just the same.

They most certainly do harm you.

Now, that last sentence should scare you.

If it does, welcome to the 4th.

I am not saying “cue the tinfoil hats” here. I am saying, welcome to the Scary Truth of the 4th dimension of Duality – which means seeing (and dealing with) things as they really actually are, not rationalizing them away so you can feel confident that they don’t affect you. That is delusion, which is still just more 3d consciousness.

If these words are useful, please share why by commenting. Feedback, liking and posting will help others learn more about their own consciousness, and also help you to be of greater service.


Published by The 5D Mystic

Walking the path most assuredly very less traveled.

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