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A Post 9/11 Spiritual Benefit: The Inner Plane Super Temple

Clarion Temple of Oneness


In many ways your soul can get trapped within its own construct of beliefs, not only while living, but even after death. There is a consciousness trap within many religious dogmas. They have you construct a fixed belief system that precludes, and in many cases, prevents you from expanding your consciousness.

The American actor Robin Williams told us that he really found special meaning in playing the role of a character that dies and enters Heaven in his afterlife. In the film (based on a book) he then goes on to deify the very construct that he and the other souls he encounters after death are stuck within. Because they only believe in the reality they already believe in. The 1998 movie What Dreams May Come is more factual that fiction.

For Robin, upon his own death, he credited doing that role with him being able to etherically find my spouse and myself, which in turn enabled him to find the most healing he could ever have imagined. That Divine Healing occurred (and still does for him) in the non-physical realm in a place called the Clarion Temple of Oneness.

Today, many deceased celebrities are finding their way to the same place he did. In large part because those souls then seek out and tell other recently departed souls. Each wants to give back for what they receive in the Temple.

But the now non-corporeal souls they visit have to be willing to listen to what they are telling them. More specifically, they have to believe it. Which is why it helps so much to have someone you already know tell you about it.

Like many, the man Newsweek called the King of Comedy, still had to “speak” with someone he was familiar with before trusting “just us”. Fortunately the very well known John Lennon and Michael Jackson were already quite familiar with the Temple and acted as escorts for Robin’s first visit.

The Clarion Temple of Oneness was specifically created in the inner plane of existence soon after the 9/11 tragedy that occurred in New York City. The special abilities and higher consciousness of the lady who would become my sacred divine partner a decade later, was “asked” in early 2002 by Archangel Michael to be the person to create and hold the frequency of the Temple for, and to, the material realm of Earth. (She recounts her dramatic story of the experience here).

We tend to think of “creation” as a consciousness that takes place according to its own devices. The truer understanding is that we are a requirement.

Heaven does not really exist without us. And if we have a differing version of Heaven, that Heaven does not exist for those who don’t believe in it.

The beauty of the Clarion Temple is that it is by definition, in Oneness. Meaning regardless of what belief system you hold within your consciousness when you pass over, it is a reality that will still welcome you. It is a form of creation that is beyond any one belief in Heaven, and instead becomes ONE for all beliefs.

Lord Melchizedek, who is in truth a meta figure embedded within all the major formal religions, as he is the originator of spiritual priesthood training (even if he is not emphasized as such), has shared with us that this Temple is now the largest inner plane Temple in all of existence. It is now a place for Healing All Souls in body and out, and everyone (including us of the living) can receive the truly sacred Divine energies it provides.

I know, just as one cannot conceptualize how many angles can fit on the head of a pin, it is hard to understand that within the multi-universal dimension (which is also a concept we can’t actually truly understand), this single Temple is now responsible for healing an infinite numbers of souls, now extending well past just those who depart earth.

As a human it is not easy for us to see a silver lining within our tragedies. We are too often stuck with the narrow blinders of our own views of reality.

If you as a soul are given the opportunity to step forward into a scenario that would create the most powerful form of healing for millions of other souls (including yourself), would you as that non-physical part of your “being” that you are, sacrifice your earthly life to do so for such a cause? Most of us only attribute such a scenario to the man who walked in Jerusalem 2000 years ago, but in truth, as a Higher Soul, each of us are so much more than we know.

Humans physical souls all come to Earth in full knowing that they must be ready to offer the greatest sacrifices. It is something we know as a Higher Soul may be required of us. Otherwise we would not be here.

Yet, even in knowing this, it only intellectually eases the pain of our loss. Emotionally we feel it regardless, and that makes the intellectual truth of it quite a bit meaningless in the moment.

I vividly still recall driving in my car and hearing the early news reports of the events of the twin towers on that day. I was tuned to a radio station that had the BBC on, and they shared the news before many entertainment based US stations did.

In my consciousness of who I was then, I was not thinking of those souls who were dying in that very moment. I was not thinking of them as the heroes who stepped up to answer the Clarion call.

I did later. I grieved for them. I grieved for their families.

Today, this event is something we as a country now honor for all the First Responders who knowingly step up every day they go out to work.

Mahlariessee and I still grieve for those who give the ultimate sacrifice every time we encounter it. If you were the Voice of the Clarion Temple, and you were able to live in both the here and now, and in the inbetween worlds, you too might have a line of mostly young, recently deceased hotshot firefighters standing in front of you in your living room, wondering who you were. It is never not emotional.

For me, it is just as monumentally about everyone who, as a Higher Soul, steps out into the “workday” we call Life, being ready and willing in that Higher Essence to do for the whole of us what many an individual cannot yet do.

Many speak of the Light and the Dark as being two parts of that whole. For Earth, this is true. But at the same time it is a very narrow perspective of the truth.

If we as members of a living humanity are not yet willing to step into the bigger picture of who we are as a collective body, it falls to those brave souls who can help us do so on the Inner Plane. I am deeply in honor of all those departed souls who have attended the Clarion Temple for the past 17 years.

By now some of them are once again incarnating upon the earth. They bring forth a much more profound souls grasp of Oneness and its potential for Humanity than those of us who are still walking in the same incarnation from when before the Clarion existed.

The Bible has a saying that there is nothing new under the Sun. Those ancient writers knew nothing of the silver lining called the Clarion Temple of Oneness.

If these words are useful, please share why by commenting. Feedback, liking and posting will help others learn more about their own consciousness, and also help you to be of greater service.


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